My Pledge

My pledge to you, to democracy, and to not overstay my welcome as your Councillor


A healthy democracy needs a stream of new ideas and new people.  Councillors’ first aim should be the improvement of the city for all our benefit and the benefit of future generations, not the preservation of our own jobs as Councillors.

I believe that Councillors should serve a maximum of 2-3 terms on Council. No matter how competent or well-liked a Councillor is, she or he should move on and pave the way for new Councillors with fresh perspectives. An effective and diligent Councillor will surely find another meaningful job that will serve the public.

If elected as your Councillor, and if I am fortunate enough to get re-elected, I promise you that I will stay as your City Councillor for a maximum of 2 terms. I will then move on from that position, and will welcome the next person that you choose to represent you at City Council.


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