Speaking Engagements

You can book Dyanoosh to speak on a number of topics, including:

  • Punishment & Prisons: The Politics and the Polemics: a critical over-view (or 12 hour course) on punishment: how we got here, what works and what is not effective, the current realitis of punishment, and why politicians and governments won’t champion the changes that are needed.
  • Justice, Justice, You Shall Pursue: How Does the Canadian Criminal Justice System Fit within the Jewish Concept of Justice and Punishment?
  • Prisons aren’t the answer. So what can we do?
  • Policing, power, and the abuse of power
  • How Do We Elect People Who Have the Courage to Bring Change?
  • Motherhood and the Public Life- the Long, Long Road.
  • If All Politics Is Local, Then We Need to Change the Definition of Local
  • We Can’t Change the World Through Charity. So What’s Left to Do?

Contact: Dyanoosh@dyanooshyoussefi.ca