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Residents in Ward 16 Engaged in Protecting Our Neighbourhoods- Two Days at the Committee of Adjustment

May 14, 2014

Residents from all over Ward 16 are fighting to protect our green space and our neighbourhoods.  Over the past two days, Tuesday, May 13th and Wednesday, May 14th, at the North York Community Council, residents have come together to speak against development proposals that are short-sighted and harmful to our neighbourhoods.

I am heartened by the engagement and involvement of so many of you, our Ward 16 residents, with these important issues, and was honoured to support you, watch you in action, and be present at these hearings.

On Monday, two key Ward 16 issues were dealt with at the Committee of Adjustment at the NYCC.  The residents of 41 Chatsworth have been fighting to ensure that the trees, the ravine, and the land at 41 Chatsworth (site of a former church) are protected and unharmed by any development in the area.  Moreover, residents want to ensure that any development on the site is done responsibly.  The developer’s plans to build a 114-unit residential condominium with 120 car parking spaces would have a significant impact on the residents that live on this one-ways street, on the traffic in the area, and on the natural greenery of the ravine.
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