Key Issues

From sidewalks to sports facilities, trash to transit, childcare to eldercare, parks to policing, energy to the environment, and heatwaves to housing, our municipal government makes decisions that deeply impact us and future generations.  These decisions should be based on sound evidence.  I will work with other Councillors, you, and City Staff to make decisions that put people first.  Please read more about some of the issues, and contact me if you have any questions or if you want to share your thoughts.

Responsible Development & Complete Neighbourhoods:  housing, public spaces and services, and infrastructure

Development is necessary to the growth and success of a metropolitan city.  But not all development is great for all neighbourhoods and the city.  We need responsible development.  And we need to build complete neighbourhoods that provide housing and services for all.


Responsible development means that we build complete neighbourhoods, not just buildings.  In other words, responsible development means that:

  • Developments contribute positively to the neighbourhood;
  • The height and density of developments align with the City’s Official Plan and Secondary Plans (which should themselves be sensible);
  • Adequate infrastructure is built to keep pace with population growth where new developments are proposed or planned—and developers, as well as the community and our government– contribute to improving and maintaining the infrastructure (parks, public spaces, transit, bike lanes, water and sewage);
  • The number of services the city provides (such as after school programs, libraries, seniors’ centres, day cares, transit) keeps pace with the new developments. Developers act as community partners in providing these services;
  • We simultaneously add and build social infrastructure: parkland and community hubs where people gather, connect, and lead healthy lives;
  • New developments include a range of housing options, such as 2-3 bedroom units and affordable rentals, so that people of diverse income levels, young people, newcomers and seniors can find suitable, affordable homes close to work, family, and community;

How Dyanoosh will make a difference:

As your Councillor, my priority is to improve our neighbourhoods.  My focus is on building and promoting inclusive, vibrant, and liveable communities.    My commitment is to you.

  • I do not take contributions from developers;
  • I will advocate for our community and city so that developments are reasonable in height and density, are environmentally sound, and responsibly address issues of sun light, green spaces, public spaces, public services, and infrastructure;
  • I will work with the city and the province to ensure that we build a range of housing, so that we have safe, appropriate homes for young people entering the work force, seniors who are downsizing, and people on a limited incomes, such as those working at minimum wage or precarious jobs.  I will also be a voice for more supportive housing for those with developmental and intellectual challenges, so that they and their families can have a greater sense of security.

As a resident of Ward 14 for the past 13 years, and through our residents’ association, I have been involved with the many development issues that we have faced in our neighbourhood.

My experience and engagement reach beyond our corner of the city.   As the Founder and Director of All IN, I have made submissions before all levels of government on housing issues.  As a Director of Parkdale Activity Recreation Centre I have worked with persons who’ve faced mental health challenges and whose first need (like all of us) is to have safe shelter.  I have advocated on housing issues across the city and in the province, and am well-tuned into the connection between municipal, provincial, and federal policies and how they impact us and future generations.


Getting Around The City

A vibrant, healthy city is one where residents have all that they need in their own neighbourhoods, and where it is a joy to visit different neighbourhoods with relative ease. A world-class city integrates roads, a reliable transit system, and safe cycling and walking options. A city that is at the forefront of innovation, takes calculated risks, and is willing to look into the future will serve us and our children well, will bring in business, and provide increased security and a healthier lifestyle for its residents.


How Dyanoosh will make a difference:

I believe that we need to expand our transit options, substantially improve the services that already exist, add continuous and safe bike lanes throughout the city, and improve sidewalks.   This, in turn, will make driving easier for drivers.  Building comprehensive transit, cycling and pedestrian options will have multiple benefits:

  • It will promote the physical and mental health. Not only will it encourage people to engage in more physical activity and time spent outdoors, but drivers will spend less time in traffic, increasing their quality of life;
  • It will help to combat climate change and global warming;
  • It will make for a more attractive city;
  • It has the potential to improve business and increase local shopping

I am committed to implementing Vision Zero.

To reach our goal of having an integrated system:

  • We need to commit to raising and securing revenue to build and improve transit and add bike lanes;
  • We need to base our decisions regarding what to build, and where to build, on facts and evidence that support what form of transit is most suitable for each neighbourhood;
  • We need to research and promote innovative solutions to public transit to find more affordable, efficient, and effective transit options;
  • We need to get unstuck. We need to stop stalling and remain committed to improving public transit and adding connected bicycle lanes throughout the city.

Safe Streets for Children, Seniors, Pedestrians & Cyclists

As our streets gets busier, safety for pedestrians, children and adults alike, as well as cyclists, becomes an increasing concern.  I am committed to Vision Zero, and committed to ensuring safer streets in our neighbourhoods and throughout the city


How Dyanoosh will make a difference:

We can change our street designs to improve safety and change driver behaviour.  I will work with residents and city experts to examine the various options available: painting lines, bump-outs at intersections, cameras, speed bumps, and officer presence.  Together, we will implement the most appropriate and reasonable options to ensure greater safety for all.

I am also committed to building a contiguous network of bike lanes throughout the city.

The streets are for all of us.  Together, we can make the city safer and more friendly for everyone.

Protecting Our Environment

City Council must act as a leader in promoting a cleaner environment for us all. We must take steps toward achieving a more environmentally friendly city, and to increasing public awareness on how we can all contribute to greener communities.


We also have to be prepared for extreme weather and its repercussions.  Our current council voted against a motion to speed up the City’s plan to stop dumping sewage into our lakes.  This kind of decision is simply negligent and irresponsible.  We need to be pro-active in protecting ourselves and the future generation.

How Dyanoosh will make a difference:

In Council, I will work to:

  • Increase our tree canopy to help clean our air and reduce the negative impacts of environmental change;
  • Explore sensible ways to reduce our environmental footprint;
  • Build better and more connected bike lanes;
  • Improve public transit;
  • Monitor and take steps to decrease the toxins that enter our water and air

I am committed to examining the long-term and environmental impact of decisions that affect the water we drink and the air we breathe, and to taking all reasonable steps to protect our environment for future generations.

More Fair Elections

Our First Past the Post System often results in the election that do not reflect the choice of most residents.  There is simply no need to have a system that allows a candidate to win with only 20% of the vote.  As a City Councillor, I will support ranked ballots or another reasonable alternative that will allow us to have elections that are more fair, and City Councillors that better serve our needs.

Have Your Say!