Dyanoosh has the endorsement of people from a broad range of the political spectrum, people who know her, have worked and volunteered with her, or have gotten to know her in the past few months of the campaign. 


    Katherine McKeown

Ward 16 resident

Dyanoosh has a strong work ethic and is one of the most open-minded and thoughtful people I know. She is dedicated, loyal and passionate about the community in which she and her family call home.

Howard Brown photoHoward Brown
Public Affairs Consultant and Ward 16 resident
Dyanoosh has my support!
As a long-time resident of Ward 16, I am pleased to endorse Dyanoosh Youssefi as the next City Councillor for our ward.
I have followed the campaign with interest and was impressed by Dyanoosh’s intelligence and commitment to our ward and city. I know several of her opponents, but decided to actively support her by going door-to-door with her and letting my neighbours know how qualified I think she is.
She is a lawyer, law professor, writer, mom and community activist.
She understands the importance of addressing the social as well as the economic needs of our city. I was particularly encouraged by her understanding of the need for proper civilian oversight of the Toronto Police service.
She will make an excellent City Councillor. I wholeheartedly support her.
Sharon Laredo


Ward 16 resident, Allenby parent
Dyanoosh has the knowledge, experience and vision to represent our vibrant community and make a real difference for residents of Ward 16.  Her understanding of the issues that impact our City and her respect for residents is what is deeply needed both in the community and at City Hall.
Paulette Haynes

Lawyer, Toronto Resident

I have had the pleasure of canvassing with Dyanoosh Youssefi since the start of her campaign in May 2014. Dyanoosh has knocked on thousands of doors in the ward and has demonstrated an undeniable respect for the residents. I am consistently impressed with how she readily connects with people and how they, in turn, are positively affected by her efforts to reach out to them.

Dyanoosh is a bright, articulate, and hardworking candidate who possesses a thoughtful long-term vision for the City. She exercises sound judgment and works well with others.

Dyanoosh is committed to the residents of Ward 16 and aspires for excellence in whatever she undertakes. The community will be well-served by her. I, therefore, endorse her without reservation.

Hazel Newton
Musician, Ward 16 resident

I am supporting Dyanoosh Youssefi because I like her integrity, honesty, concern for balance, fairness, and inclusion, as well as her consideration of the environment, and her realistic fiscal awareness. Dyanoosh understands the importance of building a clear vision for our city and working from a plan that accounts for the needs of all. She believes that we need to remember the importance of a strong infrastructure when considering development and transportation.

I have heard Dyanoosh speaking with constituents, and I admire her ability to be open to other points of view, while clearly stating her own beliefs and considerations. She stands in her integrity, and has a strong gift of being able to see the big picture, how everything fits together. This ability to see the big picture leads to finding a meeting ground and finding solutions…bringing opposing sides together and helping to grow the community.

I am confident that Dyanoosh would be a very positive force in City Council, by being able to help people with different views and agendas come to agreements that are win-win.

Derry_Millar-020W A Derry Millar

Partner, WeirFoulds LLP; Former Treasurer (President) of the Law Society of Upper Canada

It is vital to our city that excellent candidates such as Dyanoosh Youssefi run for election to City Council.  Dyanoosh has an incredible resume.  I wish we had candidates in every ward with her background.  We need more people like Dyanoosh on City Council.


 pasternak image
Linda Regan Pasternak

Program Coordinator, School of Legal and Public Administration, Seneca College

I have been a colleague of Dyanoosh Youssefi for several years while she taught at Seneca College.  She is a bright, thoughtful individual who has the ability to deal with complex challenges and find solutions that work for all.

I support her in her candidacy for Toronto City Councilor where I believe she will be not be afraid  to tackle the tough issues that are part of a councilor’s job. Dyanoosh will find effective ways to build links between politicians, bureaucrats while always  putting her constituents’ needs first. She is concerned about the city and the individuals who live in  it and will definitely not be afraid to stand up for the people of Toronto and their interests.



Avrum Rosensweig

President and CEO, Veahavta; the Canadian Jewish Humanitarian and Relief Committee

I have known Dyanoosh Youssefi for close to 20 years.  I have always been deeply impressed by her very well-developed spirit and soul and sense of what is right. Dyanoosh is one of those individuals who is hyper aware of injustices and the fundamental importance of strong community.  As the president and CEO of Veahavta: the Canadian Jewish Humanitarian & Relief Committee, I am fully supportive of her bid to be elected as city councillor and believe with all my heart she will bring needed changes to our city and a soulfulness unseen in the past.


Barbara Lareau
Ward 16 resident
 Dyanoosh Youssefi is the kind of councillor I would like to see at City Hall – interested in many of our communiity’s needs such as affordable housing for families and  good schools.  She has demonstrated a willingness to work hard and she knows the issues that confront the people of Ward 16.  Dyanoosh is a bright, professional and articulate candidate for election in this most important upcoming election.              
AmreAmreenen Omar
Bombay Street Food Co-Founder
Lawyer, Professor, Seneca College School of Legal and Public Administration
Dyanoosh is passionate about justice in our community.  She is highly principled and cares deeply about public service and effecting change.  Her commitment is evident from the first minute you meet her and it is unique and inspiring.  Dyanoosh is exactly the type of person that we want in City Council:  Her passion, combined with her honesty and strong work ethic, is the much-needed force that is necessary to take our city forward
Gilda Berger
Lawyer, Legal Studies Professor, Seneca College School of Legal and Public Administration

I have known Dyanoosh as a colleague at Seneca College in the legal studies department.  In this capacity I have witnessed her intelligence, competence, diligence and commitment to high standards- qualities which will enrich, and be an asset to city council.

Dyanoosh has a passion for justice which will serve to improve the conditions for the residents of Toronto.

Her views and positions are formed after thorough research and consideration of all facets of the issue. This approach is important in a political setting with divergent interests.

Dyanoosh is respectful of the views of others, with an interest in, and ability to work collaboratively.

She is firm in standing for her beliefs and her beliefs are those that will be for the betterment of Toronto.

City council badly needs to be infused with councillors such as Dyanoosh, who are driven by the highest ideals of city governance, putting their self-interests after the interests of the constituents.

Dyanoosh has the important traits that highly recommend her for a position on city council:   a sense of commitment, a dedication to learning and high performance, intelligence, and an ability to communicate with a broad spectrum of city residents.

I strongly support her bid for city council.

Sheldon Maerov

Former Executive Director Council of Jewish Federations of Canada

I believe Dyanoosh will be a strong candidate for my City Council because she has energy, passion and current relevant experience.

As a lawyer she understands and fights for just outcomes. As an educator she is an effective communicator, one who understands and engages young and older adults alike. As a parent, she is experienced in the challenges of raising a family in this Ward and the larger city.  Through outreach to her neighbors, Dyanoosh knows our concerns and is committed to successfully representing them. Dyanoosh believes in striving for “win-win” resolutions to many of the issues facing City Council.

Most importantly, Dyanoosh will work to build and support a healthy and progressive City Council.

Unah Grieve

Small business owner, Ward 16 resident

As a small business owner for the past 20 years, former Chair of school council at Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute for 5 years and Ward 16 resident for 25 years, I am pleased to endorse Dyanoosh Youssefi as our next City Councillor for Ward 16.
Dyanoosh has impressed me with her honesty, clarity and communication skills. We have discussed the realistic needs of our city and community to include city works, mental health support, affordable housing, children’s safety on our streets, and diversity.
As a lawyer, she can debate, articulate and bring about the much needed changes at city hall. As an educator she can action plan, consolidate gaps and build links in a cohesive work environment.
I want transparency at city hall and I want a better liveable city. I believe that Dyanoosh can bring about that change.



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