Dyanoosh is a legal studies professor, a former criminal defence lawyer, a social justice advocate and a long-time local and international volunteer. She writes and speaks on prisons, policing, and politics, on criminal and restorative justice, race relations, and Judaism and justice.

Dyanoosh ran for Toronto City Council in Toronto’s Ward 16 in 2014, and Ward 8 (16, then 14, then 8 after provincial mid-election legislation changed the ward boundaries) in 2018.

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  • A wonderful yet brief discussion on our doorstep. A new voice to enliven the debate at City Hall. I am excited to see what Dyanoosh will bring.


  • great to meet you today. You have my vote.


  • Lovely talking with you today Dyanoosh. You have so much to offer.


  • Was great meeting Dyanoosh today. An informative discussion. Would like to see what she could do on City Council!


  • one by one getting the vote
    and spreading the Dyanoosh vibe.#youssefiwin2014


  • nhelstab@brandedge.com

    Hi Dyanoosh,

    I would like to understand your views on the LGBT community?

    Thank you,
    Nancy – Ward 16


  • Hello Dyanoosh, sorry to be commenting so late, but it was really great to meet you at our front door. I think you are smart and have great perspective. Crossing my fingers that you will make it to City Hall! Good luck! Teresa Roncon


  • I am a resident in ward 16. My voting list is narrowed down to three candidates based on their positions on this issue: Are you in favour of Scarborough subway or LRT? Thank you and good luck.

    Brian B


    • Dear Brian,

      Thank you for your email.

      My position, after much contemplation, is that we need to go back to have an LRT in Scarborough. I say much contemplation, not because I think the area should have had subways in the first place (it should have been an LRT), but because I am cognizant that a) going back and forth on decisions is tiresome and not always a good way to move forward and b) there is a perception that Toronto folks want preferential treatment on many services.

      However, given the density of the area (it is not slated for development) and the cost of a subway, and also given the fact that current work, from what I understand, would work with either LRT or subway, then I would vote to have a 7-stop LRT line there. I would also note that as far as my research has shown, there would be no contract cancellations, so there are no additional costs there.

      Please let me know if you have any questions.


      • Hello Dyanoosh;

        How fortunate for me that I stumbled upon you on Avenue Rd today, before seeing your email reponse. I thought that your answers to all of my questions were knowledgeable, thoughtful and thorough. With your clear understanding of community needs and issues, I think you would be a perfect fit for councillor of Ward 16. You definitely have my vote and support. I shall be watching the results and and hoping you prevail on Monday.

        Brian B.


  • So sorry to see you will not be our Ward 16 Councillor. You would have brought much needed insight and forward thinking and I hope you continue to be involved and run again. In the meantime, if any of your future community work requires some planning advice, please contact me