Ward 14 Candidate Dyanoosh Youssefi Calls The Court’s Finding That Bill 5 Violates The Charter “A Win For Democracy.”

“This is a great day for the residents of Toronto and for democracy. The court has agreed with me and my co-applicants that the provincial government violated the Charter when it changed the boundaries of Toronto’s municipal wards midway through the election.”

The provincial government has indicated that it will appeal the decision. “With advance polls a mere 4 weeks away, I urge the government to allow the ruling to stand. Appealing the decision will cause further chaos in an already-chaotic election,” said Youssefi.

Youssefi indicated, “Discussions on the best structure for City Council may certainly be held over the next couple of years. But any restructuring of City Council must be done with consultation, patience, and respect for residents and for democracy.”

“I am proud to have fought this legislation and to have stood up for democracy. I am grateful to the other candidates and residents of this city who also fought for all Torontonians, and am thankful to the legal team of Paliare Roland and the other legal teams who put in incredible time and effort, in a short span of time, to represent us. I also extend my appreciation to His Honour Judge Belobaba, who meticulously examined the facts and the law, who recognized the urgency of the case, and who released his judgement at the earliest possible date.”

“This case reminds us that it’s time that we revisit our Constitution and grant municipalities the independence and self-governance that they need. With a population of 3 million people, Toronto is bigger than 6 provinces and is the economic engine of Ontario, and yet its governance is at the whim of the provincial government. This needs to change. If elected, I intend to pursue this cause.” “I have continued to knock on doors during this legal challenge, just as I have been doing since May 1st. I look forward to advocating for our residents, for more safety on our streets, for long-term planning, and investment in transit, infrastructure, and housing for all residents of Toronto.”


(Please note, as it is the first day of Rosh Hashanah, Dyanoosh will be available later in the afternoon


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