Fake Ward 16 Polls & Robocalls

Over the last few weeks, we at home have received a few calls from a polling firm that does not exist.  (We checked the name and called the phone number that they provide.)  These calls have never included the names of all the candidates running in Ward 16.

Tonight, it appears that there was another blitz.  Again, fake name, untraceable and unreachable phone number, and the names of some candidates only.  And many of you have received it. And some of you have contacted me to ask why my name was not on that list.

I am very much in this race.

While the intent of whoever is behind this dishonest tactic could be manifold, it is clear that one of the objectives is to make people think that I am not in the race.  I know that I am one of the front runners in this election.  I have also knocked on thousands of doors in the Ward and have spoken earnestly with many of you about what can be done for our city.  I will continue to do my work, and I know that my supporters will continue to spread the word.

If you get one of these calls, try to jot down as much information as you can: name and number of “polling” firm, the name of the candidates included in the poll, and so on.  Then contact me and/or the Town Crier.  Go bigger and contact The Star or the Rogers news network.

As for me, I will be out there, every day, so you all know that I am still willing and hoping to make our city –and our politics– better.