Saving Our Green Spaces, for Our Children and Our Future- Bannockburn

May 6 2014.

On Monday, May 5, I attended a community meeting organized by the residents who live around Bannockburn School and who have been working hard to save its green space for the neighbourhood.  Residents spoke passionately about both their desire and the need to keep the green space green, as well as their dismay at the lack of consultation and transparency from the Toronto District School Board.  

Ward 16 has far less green spaces than the majority of wards in Toronto.  The park at Bannockburn is essential to the neighbourhood and must remain green.  As a community, we will work to save this green space.  However, in order to truly save our green spaces, and in order for us and other residents in the city not to be faced repeatedly with the same problem, we need long-term solutions that bring together City Council and the province as willing and true partners.

I am committed to long-term solutions, to transparency, and to meaningful collaboration.  I will soon follow up with a more detailed position on this issue.


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